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CIM - can the payment page be customized?

We are going to be implementing the CIM method to a website. The client wants to alter the payment page that the user fills out when making payment. I think they would like to control what fields appear and give the page a custom look and feel.


My client would like the page to look like their current website so that the user experience when they jump out of the site to the page is as seemless as possible. 


Can that be done? What kind of programming skills would be needed? Where could I get started? Or, what I most likely need is to hire somebody to do it for me.


Any advice would be appreciated.





Hello @rshepherd


We offer several options when implementing customer profiles including the ability to control the entire user experience within your own application.   Using a hosted form can reduce your client's PCI scope but offers less control over the users experience.  If you choose to implement customer profiles using our API and completely control the UI, it increases the merchant's PCI Scope.


If you need additional assistance, you might consider engaging with an Authorize.Net Certified Developer.



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