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CIM createCustomerProfileTransaction Declined Due to Card Code mismatch when none provided

When customers checkout normally on our site, we require their card code to use the card saved in their CIM profile to reduce fraud. Occasionally, customers will phone/email their orders and in that case, we simply use the card in the CIM profile without entering the card code.


This week, we ran into a case where a customer's card was being declined due to a "card code mismatch", even though no card code provided. The exact message is:


"Declined  (Authorization with the card issuer was successful but the transaction was declined due to a card code mismatch with the card code on file with the card issuing bank based on the settings in the Merchant Interface.)"


Looking at our "Enhanced Card Code Verification (CCV) Handling Filter" settings, all are set to "Allow" except "Does NOT Match", which is set to "Decline".


We process many cards without providing the card code, and this is the only time we have ever gotten a decline.


Does anyone have a solution for this? We need to keep our card code settings the way they are now, because if we provide a card code and it doesn't match, we want it to decline. 


Hello @psys


Are you running these transactions through the API or the Merchant Interface?  


If this is with your production gateway, you may wish to speak with customer support.



Administrator Administrator

Hi @RichardH


I'm running it through the API.


I spoke with customer service, but I'm sorry to say, they are less than helpful. Their answer was that I'd need to turn off CCV checks, even though 99.999% of profile authorizations without a code are approved without issue.


TBH, this seems like a response from the bank is being misinterpreted from's side.



Wondering if there is any update. Customer service only copy/pastes answers, and again, this looks like's issue, as there are ZERO issues processing OTHER cards this way.


I can message you more details if necessary.