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CIM creating multiple payment profile IDs when customer submits account application?



I don't know what is causing this issue but sometimes it happens and other times it doesn't.


When a customer signs up for an account on my website I use CIM to generate the profile ID for this customer.  My issue is that it creates duplicate profile IDs for the same customer, so for example I just had a customer sign up and it created 9 different profile IDs and for some reason only the last profile ID that was created does it show me the credit card # (e.g. XXXX1111) on my website, all the other ones created on my website don't show the credit card # but they all have a valid payment profile ID showing.


Then when I check I see all these profile IDs and when I check each one I see the credit card # was saved properly on Authorize.Net.


At first I thought it was my customers submitting the "Submit" button multiple times so I had my developer disable the "Submit" button after pressing it once, but I'm still having this issue.


It's strange, for some customers it works fine and other it doesn't.  I thougth it was a browser issue but I see that this happens to all different browsers.


Is there a way I can debug this to see what exactly is going on that is making certain customers getting creating 2+ profile IDs when they sign up for an account?


Thank you!


I took a look at my customer profile log, and I can see all of thes duplicate profile IDs created; on one customer I see it starts at time stamp 15:45 and the last one ends at 15:57 over a 12 minute span of creating these duplicate profile IDs.


In the log file everything comes back fine with "successful" and "ok" responses for each duplicate profile ID.  I do notice that it says the following but I don't think this is anything:


2015-06-04 15:46:05 Debug/customer_profile2015-06-04: ----------------------------------------------------------------
2015-06-04 15:46:36 Debug/customer_profile2015-06-04: starting Log : 15:46:36


Does anyone have an idea why these duplicate profile IDs could be getting generated for some customers?  This issue has been happening more often than not lately...


Thank you!


assumeing you are not using hosted CIM option, start loggin when the customer fast click the submit to then at the end of that logic. the log only tell us that you did call multiple times.

It the create payment profile in a loop that would keep trying if it think it failed?


After debugging this further, I think customers are trying to click the "Submit" button multiple times if the page is taking long to load...I will have my developer disable the "Submit" button after first click to see if this fixes this issue.