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CIM hosted form can't save CC -- transaction has been declined

Developed application using CIM hosted form and everything works fine when testing against the sandbox account. However, when I try to use the actual account api and transaction key I get an error when saving CC in the "Add a new Payment Method" form. Error is Transaction has been declined. Tried using different CC's. This is a new account. Is there something else that needs to be done before we can process transactions?

Is CIM enabled on the production account?

Where you able to add the same payment profile thru the merchant account interface?

Thanks RaynorC1emen7 for the suggestions. Yes CIM is enabled. I got the following error when I tried to add the payment profile directly in the merchant account interface: Transaction Status: General Error (Request rejected by FDC omaha - Invalid merchant number) Does this mean the authorize account is not connected to a valid merchant bank account?

Sound like the something on the merchant account wasn't setup correctly. Contact the support line.