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CIM hosted forms hosted in a mobile web page workflow

I have been Integrating CIM's hosted forms for our web site and they are working great.


We have a mobile registration work flow which utilizes a page for collecting cardholder data and calls out to CIM's API in order to create a payment profile for charging the customer. I have since replaced this form with the hosted form. The problem I'm having is that the hosted form does not respond to sizing changes for the iframe which is hosting the CIM hosted form and the user experience for the CIM hosted form does not work well on the mobile platform. By not working well I mean things like, fields are zoomed into; field names disappear; and next field navigation keys do not work to move to the next entry field.


Main Question: So my main question, is there any other product at which 1) integrates with CIM; 2) would host the cardholder data collection on's web site; and 3) would be insert-able into a current mobile web page work flow to register a member to our site (cardholder data collection is only a portion of the overall workflow)?


The product / solution does not have to come directly from and could come from a third party instead. If it is a third party product, then the product should be narrowly focused on providing the ability to host cardholder data collection and integrating into another sites web workflow.




Hello @zocheyado

From your description, you are requesting a responsive hosted payment form for customer profiles.  At present, we do not support this in our hosted payment form.

You are welcome to post this as a new feature using our Ideas forum. This will allow others to vote on and make suggestions to improve the request.


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