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Charge based on Customer Profile after Accept Hosted Payment's transaction

Hello team,

Hope you are safe & doing well.

I am writing on behalf of, we are Travel CRM platform and lot of our client’s use to take online card payments. We have also referred few clients to you. In our platform we have carried out integration with, we use accept hosted (iframe based) solution and it is working for standard payment flow. We are planning to introduce installment-based payment.

We would like to charge customer different amounts at different intervals to pay for their entire travel package.

Total Payment = $1500
At time of registration - Deposit payment = $100
1st March - Initial Payment = $250
1st May - Second Payment = $250
1st July - Final Payment = $900

We don’t want to have any PCI compliance overhead at our end, We would like to collect, store and transfer card details using hosted pages only.

For the solution, we reviewed support articles and forum, we are not able to find exact steps to follow. After review we think that following workflow might meet our requirement

Step 1. Use Accept Hosted to collect the initial deposit payment, in response we will get transid.
Step 2. If successful, then use Create Customer Profile from Transaction to get a customer profile id & payment profile id based on trans id of accept hosted transaction.
Step 3. Later on to collect installment payment - we use customer profile id & payment profile id to make another payments based on Charge a Customer Profile API.

So, we will collect first payment as deposit from passenger and create profile in to collect remaining payment or installments automatically by calling Charge a Customer Profile API. I would like to confirm that whether such flow can be implemented or not and let us know if there is problem in this.

Also, there are some doubts for some tags in Charge a Customer Profile API as below,

<!-- Should we pass same trans id which we received it from accept hosted transaction. Please confirm. -->
<!-- Which amount should we pass in this i.e. can we pass same as charge amount. Please guide. -->
<!-- It is new payment i.e. installment so I'm planning to pass "reauthorization" -->
<!-- It is not mandatory but I'm planning to pass "final" because it is new payment for us every time. -->

If our flow looks fine and feasible then please guide us on tag values.

Let me know if any questions or suggestions.


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