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CIM hosted iframe popup - "The page has timed out."

Ok I'm currently in the process of integrating the API for CIM with our web application. I've followed the sample code and read the documentation, but I'm still having issues.


Currently, I have one button that manages both shipping and billing information. Once I click the button, the popup appears but within the iframe I get the message: "The page has timed out. Please go back to the beginning and try again." This occurs everytime I click the button. 


Using the developer tools from google chrome, I found the following error.


Failed to load resource: ""


How do I modify "" portion to represent my domain? Also, during the process of reading the documentation I noticed "To integrate to the hosted page as a popup, do not pass hostedProfileReturnUrl or 

hostedProfileReturnUrlText. Pass hostedProfilePageBorderVisible=false and pass hostedProfileIFrameCommunicatorUrl."


Unfortunately, I have no idea where to pass these parameters.


Account is currently in test mode.


Essentially, I'd like to know why this issue is occuring.


hostedProfileIFrameCommunicatorUrl is a  one of the setting in getHostedProfilePage

In the documentation "Input Parameters for getHostedProfilePage" section.