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CIM using hosted form. How do I determine addPayment is a success?

Trying to integrate Auth.NET support into my companies web based applications. We have a strict rule that no card data comes back to the server. For other payment providers we use transparent redirect to accomplish this. Unfortunately Auth.NET does not support this functionality with CIM type transactions (via SIM relay response). 


We've settled on using the hosted pages solution for CIM, but I can't seem to figure out how to determine the transaction is done so I can move the user on to another page or respond back to the server that we've completed the saving of the account info, and store ids for later use.


Anyone have any thoughts on how to determine the iframe is done saving the data then I can trigger page calls in the background?



You can do a GetCustomerProfile with to see there are payment profiles.


I would prefer a positve confirmation from the host rather then assuming everything went fine. What if I have multiple accounts on the same profile id?


Also does anyone know a way to pre-populate the contact info?

Wouldn't you just check to see if there is any payment profile?


Also does anyone know a way to pre-populate the contact info?


Yes, another request for some way to pre populate address.