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CIMinvoking payment with customer profile id via post request

I have this scenario:

- Customer pays with credit card for the first time

- stores the CC info of customer into their system and sends GET request back to me with success and customerProfileID that I can use later to invoke the payment via POST

- When subscription ends for a user the system service invokes the payment through via post request where I use customerProfileID and other security parameters etc


Is my scenario possible with CIM? I thought that when I redirect the user to authorize gateway for the first time the profile gets created and sends me parameters back so i can reuse them later for invoking payment via profile via post request?




I am talking about this option:


"Re-direct the customer to an Authorize.Net hosted page to manage payments and shipping all on one page."


So this works like I described? We redirect customer to website and after profile is created, payment is done and sends us the customer profile ID through GET request?


Then later I can invoke the payment via customer profile with SOAP. Correct?


There are more detail on the xml or soap documentation chapter 4