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PHP suggestions for two payments from same transaction using DPM

I need some suggestions for my first project.  I am working in PHP.  I need to charge a convenience fee on a payment, I need the main payment to go to one id and the fee to go to a separate  id.  I have started down the road of using DPM, as I do not have means to store data securely.  My problem is, I collect payment data and calculate the fee, I post payment for the fee, no problems......but since it post back to designated URL, how can I maintain the amount of the main payment and card info to send the main part via DPM?



Every other integration I have done has utilized SOAP interfaces, which would allow me to stay send payment get response, send the next get response....print receipt.  The SOAP interfaces I saw for authorize did not look to have the simple payment functionality I needed.


Any suggestions on how to approach this issue?



Hello @sf_gray ,


If I understand your question correctly, you want to charge a customer for goods plus a convenience fee, and then you wish to deposit those funds into two separate merchant accounts.  If this is correct, it is currently not possible to do this with Authorize.Net.  Each paymente gateway can only be connected to a single merchant account. 



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