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CSS on SIM Relay URL Not Loading in IE9?

I've searched around and not seen anything that has helped so apologies if I missed the answer.


I am using SIM and PHP and have a form with the basic Relay URL to for testing. However, when I post the form and enter test info and it goes back, it loads that page but without the CSS. Even local and hosted images show up but I get the Prompt about secure/insecure content in IE9.


The link is and I'm just not sure what can get the CSS to load. Is it an setting, a server or apache setting, or something else? Here is the PHP I am using based on the 15 minute setup for SIM.


require_once 'anet_php_sdk/AuthorizeNet.php'; // Include the SDK you downloaded in Step 2
$api_login_id = 'API_LOGIN';
$transaction_key = 'TRANS_KEY';
$amount = "25.00";
$fp_timestamp = time();
$fp_sequence = "123" . time(); // Enter an invoice or other unique number.
$fingerprint = AuthorizeNetSIM_Form::getFingerprint($api_login_id,
  $transaction_key, $amount, $fp_sequence, $fp_timestamp)

<form method='post' action="">
<input type='hidden' name="x_login" value="<?php echo $api_login_id?>" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_fp_hash" value="<?php echo $fingerprint?>" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_amount" value="<?php echo $amount?>" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_fp_timestamp" value="<?php echo $fp_timestamp?>" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_fp_sequence" value="<?php echo $fp_sequence?>" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_version" value="3.1">
<input type='hidden' name="x_show_form" value="payment_form">
<input type='hidden' name="x_test_request" value="false" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_method" value="cc">
<input type='submit' value="Click here for the secure payment form">

<input type='hidden' name="x_first_name" value="Test-<?php echo date('Ymd'); ?>" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_last_name" value="User-<?php echo date('His'); ?>" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_email" value="andrew" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_Relay_Response" value="TRUE" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_Relay_URL" value="" />



Thanks for any guidance to find the right answer here!




It seems to be loading for me using IE 7...  Perhaps it's a security setting in IE 9?


It is a setting in IE9 that Internet Explorer 9 blocks non-secure content by default and is set to prompt you when this is happening. It is explained at in full detail.


The question is since the CSS will not load with the default IE 9 security setting, is there a way to overcome that on a thank you page with the SIM method, or does the SIM method with a relay URL require SSL after all?


I'm not able to replicate this error myself.  I set my own sample code to use your page as my relay URL and it displayed perfectly in both Firefox 11 and Internet Explorer 9.  Were you able to confirm that this was due to a specific setting in your Internet Explorer configuration?