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Can CIM allow me to organize payment records by a unique customer ID?

I'm setting up a new gateway for a customer with 20,000+ subcribers who wants to allow online pay.

He has his front office manually update all customer payments currently and likes it that way.


I was told I can change the code to force customers to be enter their "unique" customer ID we give them before purchase in the profile section.


However, when we recieve the record of daily transactions, we NEED to have that unique ID be matched with the amount purchased so the office can update their internal systems.  A sheet of transactions with with date is usessless to us.


Any advice? I don't need credit data...just a way to organize purchases to easily indentify who made what purchase. Also, can integrate well with a Mysql Database to have updated account balance information when using the hosted CIM solution?




Yes, the only thing that hosted CIM solution does it creating/updating/delete CC/bank account info. Every transactions(with the customer profile id, profile payment id) still have to go thru your system, so you can program it however you like.