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Can CIM save card like this

I am supposed to make an online store save card information to the Customer Information Manager in on purchase, but not charge the customer yet. The store admin would adjust the price if needed and charge the card when shipped. My questions are:

1. Can this be done with


2. I have AIM in use, do I need to switch to CIM to do this?  (I am pretty sure I do)

3. Can you tell me anything about how to use CIM to do this?


Edit: I may have been confused about the naming of the APIs, what I mean by CIM is using createCustomerPaymentProfileRequest for example, is that what I would do to save a customer from an online store including their Card?


Hello @JonRomero


CIM is now part of the Authorize.Net API which combines all of the functionality of AIM, CIM and Transaction Reporting into a single API using XML or JSON.  From your comment, it appears you may be using an older CIM PDF documentation.  Let me instead suggest using our API Reference which includes the latest information.   CreateCustomerProfileTransactionRequest is now deprecated and instead we suggest using createTransactionRequest using a customer profile in the payment object.




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