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Can I make two separate transactions from 1 payment form using Accept Hosted payment form?


I am using accept hosted payment form of for our company's ordering application. We are trying to create two separate transactions from a single payment form. Could you please guide us how to do it.

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I'm not sure that answers the question of accommodating splitting one ACCEPT HOSTED transactions into two or more. An XML example shows:

"settingName": "allowPartialAuth",
"settingValue": "true"

But the ACCEPT HOSTED API documentation at doesn't address it. Thats found only in the regular, or non Accept Hosted API. The setting names addressed at that Accept Hosted API documentation are:

hostedPaymentIFrameCommunicatorUrl, hostedPaymentButtonOptions, hostedPaymentReturnOptions, hostedPaymentOrderOptions, hostedPaymentPaymentOptions, hostedPaymentBillingAddressOptions, hostedPaymentShippingAddressOptions, hostedPaymentSecurityOptions, hostedPaymentCustomerOptions, hostedPaymentStyleOptions

And it does not appear that the 'allowPartialAuth' is a settable attribute that can be used in the setSettingValue() method of any of the above setting names. Basically, the question is, even though the 'allowPartialAuth' attribute isn't in the Accept Hosted API, can it be used in an Accept Hosted API call to the hosted payment form?


So I was able to send the allowPartialAuth setting with the Accept Hosted API call without getting an error, this way using the PHP SDK:

$settingAllowPartialAuth = new AnetAPI\SettingType();

And then in the transactionRequestType...



However, nothing in the Accept Hosted payment form, nor in the transaction that is submitted appears to be different. The API for the allowPartialAuth says that it "Flags whether to allow partial authorization on this transaction request as part of a split tender sale." Does anyone know what that really means? What we are looking for is a way to later manually CAPTURE different line items of one authOnly transaction separately using separate credit cards. Does allowPartialAuth or anything else allow that with Accept Hosted?