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Can you use "testMode" validationMode on live gateway?

I think the confusion might be in the wording, but I wanted to verify to be sure. We have an implementation in which many of the $0.01 validation charges return with "transaction declined", when the cards are in fact perfectly fine.


As per the PDF:


testMode—Performs field validation only. All fields are validated. However, fields with
unrestricted field definitions (such as telephone number) do not generate errors.
If you select testMode, a $1.00 test transaction is submitted using the Luhn MOD 10
algorithm to verify that the credit card number is in a valid format. This test transaction
does not appear on the customer's credit card statement, but it will generate and send
a transaction receipt email to the merchant.


Using this seems to resolve our issue, but even though we're using the live gateway, the transaction receipt that's being sent contains: "************* TEST MODE *************", which is something we had only previously seen when actually using the test gateway.


We're getting back the profile id's as expected, I just wanted to verify there was nothing wrong with this implementation and you could in fact use "testMode" validation on the live gateway. 


Yes, it fine, it just telling you that you are running the validation in test mode.