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Cancel recurring billing subscription after transaction submitted/settled before getting silent post



I'm trying to handle these two situations.


1. User cancels the ARB subscription after the transaction is submitted (transaction type becomes authCaptureTransaction and status becomes authCaptureTransaction).


2. User cancels the ARB subscription after the transaction is settled (transaction type becomes authCaptureTransaction and status becomes settledSuccessfully), but before we get the successful transaction data from sile post.


Regarding these two situations, I need to call "Get Subscription" API to get recent 20 transactions, and use "Get Transaction Details" API to check the newest transaction if its status is authCaptureTransaction or settledSuccessfully.

If the status is authCaptureTransaction, then I can call "Void a Transaction" API to stop this transaction being settled.

If the status is settledSuccessfully, it means this transaction is finished, we should get successful data from silent post. And then I can also use "Refund a Transaction" API to refund this transaction.


Am I correct for the procedures to call these APIs?


PS. We'll stop our service immediately after the user decides to cancel our service. And we don't want to see the money received but we cut the user's service.




Yes, these two scenarios are correct. Let me know if you have any more questions!

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Hi @mmcguire 


Got it. Thanks for your response! 

Hi @mmcguire ,


Have one more question needs your help.

I saw this post:

And in this post, RaynorC1emen7 said that if the status is "Captured/Pending Settlement", and then this transaction will be moved to "Settled Successfully".

Is it always true? We'll always receive the payments?


Thanks a lot.

In most cases yes, "Captured/Pending Settlement" means it will settle after your last batch cut-off and be sent to your merchant service provider with no further action required from you.


There are failure scenarios, but if everything is set up correctly then you won't run into them. Examples - the processor configuration is wrong and the processor rejects the batch, the processor account is closed, etc.



Got it, so for these failure scenarios, do they happen ofter? and cloud we use webhooks to get the events and handle them? 


Thanks a lot.