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Cannot pass sandbox request

We are getting prepared to 9/21 change. We were advised that the sandbox already works the same way as the production server will after 9/21. We cannot, however, make it work with our current code.


These are the parameters we are trying to apply to the request. Currently, they are passed successfully to the production server (with the appropriate replacement of x_login and x_trankey values):

x_card_num=<test_card_number>&x_exp_date=09/16&x_amount=987.80&x_login=<test_login>&x_password=&x_adc_delim_data=true&x_adc_url=false&x_version=3.0&x_method=CC&x_bank_aba_code=&x_bank_acct_num=&x_bank_acct_type=&X_BANK_NAME=&X_TYPE=AUTH_ONLY&X_TranKey=<test_tran_key>&x_currency_code=USD&x_test_request=true&x_first_name=TESTNAME&x_last_name=TESTLAST&x_address=123 main Str&x_city=SAN DIEGO&x_state=CA&x_zip=92130-0000&x_card_code=123


For testing purposes, we set x_test_request to true.


Parameters x_login and X_TranKey come from my fresh registration at


When I submit the request to the sandbox, that is, etc., I get the response with the error 103, which means that the transaction key was not accepted. In fact, I can use anything for transaction key and get the same result, error 103.


What could cause the error? What should I change in those parameters?



Accepted Solutions

Your production account might be using version 3.0 which still use the x_password fields.

the x_tran_key have 2 underscore, your have just 1

Here the doc

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Response Reason Text: A valid fingerprint, or transaction key is required for this transaction.

Integration Team Suggestions: This error is generated when your account is in "Password-Required Mode" and you are not sending a valid password, transaction key or hash fingerprint with your transaction request, which is a recommended security measure.


is x_tran_key

not X_TranKey




Thnk you for the response. I sure read that article, but do you mean that x_tran_key is now case-sensitive? The current code works successfully for many years by producing the string I showed.

Your production account might be using version 3.0 which still use the x_password fields.

the x_tran_key have 2 underscore, your have just 1

Here the doc

Thank you for pointing to that underscore discrepancy; adding the underscore did help. The currently working code does not submit the password - only the transaction key in the form x_trankey. Apparently, one underscore used to be acceptable before.

In the meantime, my colleagues found a workaround. They copied the transaction key into x_password field, and that works in both the existing system and the sandbox. Does that seem to be a reliable approach, or I have to stick to yours? I see no password field in the guide you referred to.


x_password is for the old version, it will eventually not support anymore. x_tran_key will continue until change the spec in the future