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Capture transactions in the report (sandbox)

I posted a similar question to this in an FAQ thread, but I don't think that was the right venue.  I'm apologizing in advance for cluttering up your board.


Anyway, this is the situation:  I'm testing a software solution that we're developing which uses to authorize and capture payments in the way with which you're familiar.  I'm not the developer, but I'm working with him.  Authorizations are being sent and and processed properly, there's no doubt about that.  And captures *appear* to be working correctly, but the issue is that they don't appear in the Transaction Details by Settlement Date Report.  I see the authorizations in the report, but aside from the transactions which (when I download the list of that day's transactions) show Transaction Types of "Authorization w/ Auto Capture" (which were authorized/captured in the same transaction), there are no actual "Capture" records for the authorizations, even though everything from our end looks like there should be.


So, is it that capture transactions aren't supposed to show up in this report?  Or is the fact that the Transaction Status field is identified as "Settled Successfully" an indication that the authorization was, indeed, captured?




Hello @scrowsell


If you issue an Authorize and Capture, it will then be held in a captured/pending settlement status until the transaction cut-off time configured for your payment gateway.  Settlement occurs once day starting at the cut-off time.


This video might assist:

Administrator Administrator

Thanks for your reply, @RichardH.


If I may follow up, after having watched the video I'm still not completely clear on my question.  The situation is like this:


- an Authorization Only transaction takes place with using our software.  This is our Sales Order.

- a minute or two later, our software creates a Prior Authorization & Capture transaction.  (This transaction does not explicitly show up in the report).  This is our Invoice performing the capture.

- at the end of the day, the Authorization Only transaction shows up as "Settled Successfully" in the report


Does this mean that these Authorization Only transactions were captured and then settled? The confusion on my end comes from the lack of an explicit record saying so.

Hello @scrowsell


Your process flow is correct, however we don't currently have a report based on status, only the transaction type.  If you check using get transaction details, it will return the status for each transaction including Auth/pending capture or capture/pending settlement.

You  are also welcome to post this as a new feature using our Ideas forum. This will allow others to vote on and make suggestions to improve the request.