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Card On File Question

Checking if I have this right and have an implimentation question.


We have customers that we put a VISA Pcard on file through the Account interface.


Users then place orders on the website that are authorized for the order amount using the COF.  I assume this would be a CIT and we only need isStoredCredentials set to true.


Occasionally we have orders that, when shipped, the authorization has expired or is second (or more) shipment that the first shipment captured the amount and needs a new charge for the shipment using the COF.  I assume this would be a MIT and needs isSubsequentAuth set to true and reason set.


Question is what do I set reason to since it is a new charge.  Would it be resubmission or reauthorization?


FYI. subsequentAuthInformation is misspelled as subesquentAuthInformation in 


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