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Card Present and Checks?

Is it possible for a CP account to process Checks (eCheck) in production?


I signed up for a CP sandbox account, and I can't seem to be able to do eChecks.


As far as I can tell, you need a CNP account. In a CP environment, wouldn't you just collect the check and deposit it later the regular way? Or have them use a debit card, which effectively does the same thing?


Many of our clients do CNP and CP. They do CNP with an online form, and then they do CP at events with a mobile device. On their online form they also accept eCheck's, which is especially popular with donations. At events when they collect a physical check, they key them in later to have a complete record of all transactions.


With other gateways I have a single API to do all three (CP, CNP, Check - WEB/PPD/etc.). They have a single set of credentials from that gateway. What features they have avaiable depends on what they signed up for, some of them having all three.


It seems with Authorize.Net you have to have two completely different accounts to acomplish this, which complicates things on our end. I then have to decide to either have two gateway entires in our system, or have a single entry with 2 sets of credentials, which I then have to select in the right circumstances. With other gateways having track data makes it CP and not having it means CNP.

Well, it's annoying, but it's not that difficult to deal with from a programming perspective. I'd be more annoyed about the added cost, personally.