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Case study -building a payment gateway on


I'm working on a case study and need to come up with a prototype. Basically i need to prototype a payment gateway which can handle multiple merchants and multiple customers. The back end will be done using biztalk. My question is, can provide this? Is there an account which i can use to transfer money to a merchant based on the transaction ? Or will every merchant need there own api key or such?

Thanks for reading :)

Every merchant need their own account.

Fair enough, i assumed so, but will they need each an api key ? And can the account creation been done through an api? Or will themerchant have to manually create the account?

Thanks for he reply

It is like a login and password, so yes each account have a different loginID/transactionKey.


Are you trying to do this?

Thanks fo the link, That did help me with my case study :smileyhappy:

We have started using Slate to curate the enrollment process and the students' payments. I'm a member of The Cleveland Institute of Art corporate partners group. And we're looking forward to implement new methods - if you can share the results of the case study, you're welcome to contact us directly at Community Partners Program >