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Charge A Customer Profile - Blank CVV Response



Is there any way to get a CVV response code back from when charging a customer profile? From what we've seen over the last several days after going live is that the value is 99% blank. When it's not blank we see a value of "S" which seems to be related to Discover cards.


We have tried changing the validation mode from liveMode to testMode but that doesn't seem to help.


Is there a way to parse the response from the create customer profile api call to get the cvv response code?


Thanks for any help.


Which api method are you using for charging a customer profile?



When creating new payment profiles you can parse the validationDirectResponse for the CVV response, it is in the delimited response in field #38. Only in liveMode will it give you a valid response for this field.


<validationDirectResponse>1,1,1,This transaction has been approved.,000000,Y,2000000000,none,Test transaction for
ValidateCustomerPaymentProfile.,0.00,CC,auth_only,none,John,Doe,,123 Main St.,Bellevue,WA,98004,USA,000-000-0000,,,,,,,,,,,0.00,0.00,0.00,FALSE,none,E42C2F81807AA1B581DEA12EB6727604,P,2,,,,,,,,,,,XXXX1111,Visa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,</validationDirectResponse>


The delimited response is defined here (look for "Fields in the Payment Gateway Response"):



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