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Coldfusion AIM transaction id not returning

Hello Guys,


We have a AIM integration within our App to for several years.


Everything worked great, the transaction id was returned correctly.


On our new customers the transaction id is not returned, and I do not find anything on the code diferent from the older customers (which the transaction id does return).


There is some settings on the account that make the transaction id to return on the response?


Here is a example of the code:


<CFSET VARIABLES.processorURL = "">


     <CFHTTPPARAM type="Header" name="charset" value="utf-8">
     <CFHTTPPARAM type="Header" name="Accept-Encoding" value="deflate;q=0">
     <CFHTTPPARAM type="Header" name="TE" value="deflate;q=0">

     <!--- Change this field to false when going to live transactions --->
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" name="x_type" value="AUTH_CAPTURE">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" name="x_Test_Request" value="False">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_Version" VALUE="3.1">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_Login" VALUE="#SESSION.cstData.cstMrchtFld1#">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_Password" VALUE="#SESSION.cstData.cstMrchtFld2#">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_ADC_URL" VALUE="False">

     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_delim_Data" VALUE="true">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_delim_char" VALUE=",">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_encap_char" VALUE=",">

     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_Amount" VALUE="#numberFormat(FORM.pmtAmount, '999999.99')#">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_Card_Num" VALUE="#FORM.pmtCcdNumber#">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_Exp_Date" VALUE="#FORM.pmtCcdMonth#/#FORM.pmtCcdYear#">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_Method" VALUE="cc">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_First_Name" VALUE="#listFirst(FORM.pmtCcdName, ' ')#">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_Last_Name" VALUE="#listLast(FORM.pmtCcdName, ' ')#">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_Address" VALUE="#VARIABLES.Address#">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_City" VALUE="#FORM.pmtCity#">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_State" VALUE="#FORM.pmtState#">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_Zip" VALUE="#FORM.pmtZip#">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_Country" VALUE="#FORM.pmtCountry#">
     <CFHTTPPARAM TYPE="formField" NAME="x_email" VALUE="#FORM.pmtEmail#">
     <CFHTTPPARAM type="formField" name="x_Description" value="#ATTRIBUTES.pmtDescription# #ATTRIBUTES.pmtNames#">



Tiago Reis


Does your source code do a hash validation of the response?
All Star

@Renaissance thansk for the interess in the post.


No we do not do any hashing, and we do not receive anything hashed.


The response cames in plain text from the http request.


My theory is that there is some setting on the backoffice which enables/disables the transaction from being passed to this response... but I cannot figure out which one.


We have 16 customer with this integration, our oldest ones which are around 8 receive the transaction id, and new ones do not...


Thanks for the help.

Can you add an example response (please remove any real customer data)?

There is no configuration that will make it so that the transaction id is not present, so we'll have to see what you are getting back to troubleshoot.