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Communication of my website and VPOS

Hi Team,


       We are planning to integrate VPOS payment with our website. How can we connect to VPOS after checkout?? How can I map our order,customer to this ? In documentations I found that the merchant install VPOS and payment happens in merchant portal. How can I redirect to merchant portal from my website?That means, how can I connect my order information to payment process? I have to connect each payment to with corresponding order and user.





Hi, I am having a similar issue. the vPOS system works great as a standlalone service. But I then have to do a manual transaction and inventory entry into my website software. It would be great if the vPOS could integrate with the website to automatically track sales, inventory levels, customer info, etc...No one I have come into contact with seems to know how to do this. Have you had any luck? Is there a different POS service we should look into instead?