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Converting SIM transactions to ARB

We are switching over to SIM so that Auth.Net can handle our payment form (and all CC info); we are using SIM so that we no longer have to collect any CC data on our server. Customers will be using the Auth.Net hosted form to set up layaway orders, and the form will be taking the first of five payments on the layaway.


What are our options for converting that initial transaction to an ARB subscription, via the APIs? Obviously you can do it manually through the account manager, but we need to be able to create something that will automatically convert those transactions once that first payment has cleared.


Thanks in advance for your help.


Nothing that can do that thru the APIs.


The only way you would be able to do this would be to have a programer to set up a file that would ping the SIM order form on each month and day you want to charge your customer.


I know because I have a program that does just that and use it all the time for my memberships. I do not use a secure server because I don't want the risk of a 500k fine.