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Create new transaction off existing ARB

I have members signing up on my website creating an "ARB" so they pay monthly.... i then call them and upsell services which may be a completely different price and they are one time....


So if i have a guy paying $9.99 a month (ARB) then my sales team gets him to agree to a $300 service.. how do i charge him a one time charge from the ARB? Do i create a new ARB but somehow make it only charge one month?


The whole point is to not ask the client for the credit card again, can someone help me?
 Is this what CIM is because i dont have that.


Does this require coding? Also i do not want it to effect the users existing continuing ARB subscription i may just want spiratic charges in addition to their existing ARB they pay month to month.

Does this require coding?



Or to do it manually.,  login to merchant account and search on a settled batch.

"View Rebillable Transactions"