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Creating customer profile with accepting nonce 


Reproduced same sample code in local cmputer. First resulted 

Invalid response Response : E00117 OTS Service Error 'Field validation error.' in Authorize Net

Changed token(Coppied from acceptjs.html dov) throws

ERROR : Invalid response Response : E00114 Invalid OTS Token.


Scenario-  When a new user register into website, a profile should create in Authorize Net. withou payment profile. Hope cust profile accept with none will work.

But how to obtain the dataValue and  data Description

 // Set the payment data for the payment profile to a token obtained from Accept.js
    $op = new AnetAPI\OpaqueDataType();
    $paymentOne = new AnetAPI\PaymentType();

Is there a way to create this token?
Or else Is it possible to create a customer profile with accepting nonce. Just personal infomation like name, phone and zip code?

Thanks for your help