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Credit Card Payment pages using WPForms in Word Press


I am a novice Web developer and have created a site in Word Press I am trying to set up a credit card page using WPForms and Authorize.Net, no matter what I do my card payments are declined.

Is there anyone working with Word Press sites and integration with WP forms?




Are you working in a sandbox account?
Are you passing the required credentials (Merchant Name, Merchant Key, Transaction Key) in your transactions?
I've only integrated the Accept Suite of forms so far, but I have used other transactions.
Please provide specific things you've done, and the response received, and your expected response, so that we can get a better idea of how to help.

Regular Contributor

Thanks David,

I am in LIVE mode, I've generated a new transaction Key, I have the correct API and Transaction key in place inside the setup of WPForms for Authnet... Using my company's credit card as a test, I'm getting a declined 

Payment was declined by Authorize.Net.
API: (E00027) The transaction was unsuccessful.

Or perhaps I'm not using these three Keys correctly... I'm stumped.

API  - Transaction and Client Key - The  WPForms interface for Authorize.Net does not include a Client Key input.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Yes I have also created a site on wordpress

New Member

All fixed... I just needed to generate a new Transaction Key!