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Custom Receipt Page

Hello all,


I setup the Direct Post Method on a site with the following the instructions in the manual:



How do I create a custom receipt page including the customer's name?    Currently, the "receipt" contains "Thank you for your purchase! Transaction id: [id_number]"   Obviously, I have little developer experience.


Thanks in advance.


You can use the Transaction Details API to look up the transaction using the ID. However, since the transaction ID is being passed with no other form of verification, someone could theoretically try brute-forcing a bunch of other ID's until they hit on one for a different customer, which might be bad, so you'd need to also hash the ID and pass the hash in the URL as well so you can verify that something like that isn't happening. Or if all you care about is the customer name, you can theoretically pass that in the URL.


Let me know more about what your receipt page should look like, and what language (if any) you know something about.