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Customer Email receipt is only being sent for Subscription payments and not single transactions

I am using the Gravity Forms plugin with the Authorize.NET Add On to interface form submissions to Authorize.NET.  Currently, I have the Authorize.NET account set to send email receipts when a customers email is received for successful transactions.  


The email receipts send successfully for subscription payments just as the settings dictate.  When it is a one-time payment however I receive the Merchant email receipt but the customer is not receiving their email reeipt.  I verified that the customer email is being received by by looking to the 'Settled Transactions' report.  


I've used two different emails in testing and neither receive the emil receipt for the customer.  I verified and re-verified that email receipt settings are correct per all of the support documnetation I can find and wa sure to verify the customer email receipt was not getting caught in my SPAM/Junk mail folder.


Given the support docs I've read if receives the email it should send the customer email receipt on successful transactions.


Any help is greatly appreciated to resolve this.


Thanks in advance.


No.  The ARB email receipts are being sent and received correctly.  It is the individual/one-time transaction email receipts that are not being sent/received.


Thank you.

Oops, I read it wrong.

For one time there is x_email_customer field. If it set to false it will override what in the merchant account settings.