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DPM timeouts today

Anyone else seeing DPM timeouts today?


We had 28 failed transactions between ~ 5-6:30am PT. Prior to that, the last timeout we saw was five days ago.


I noticed on the status page there's potentially some network issues?


> Investigating - We have received reports of merchants seeing network connectivity issues. We believe this may be due 

> to a third-party network provider, at this time. We are investigating the matter. 

> Jun 1, 08:13 PDT


Maybe that was the cause?


We've examined our logs and see no evidence of the failed transactions (the first thing we do is log the transaction id to a flat file).


Looking at the server status on our side, I don't see any load issues during that period.

Any suggestions?


And why haven't more people voted on my product idea, eh?!?! ;-)


Please post your voice if you're also experiencing this issue.  I think the more people post here, the more likely they will eventually fix it.  This would benefit Authorize.Net and everyone.

I saw this response from Authorize.Net according to this link:


"If this occurs only once or very rarely on an account, it is most likely unavoidable. Due to the nature of the internet, time-outs will occur on a rare occasion regardless of anything we or the developer do."


This is definitely a legitimate reason to implement retrying from Authorize.Net.


This problem happens starting since June 2015 untill now.  Hopefully this is a good clue for Authorize.Net to look for the root cause.