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DPM timeouts

Hi. I know this has been raised numerous times, but we occassionally see the problem with DPM timeouts.

It's extremely rare. But it does happen.


We write a log message as soon as the DPM response is received, but in the cases with timeouts, we don't see any log entries at all.


Which suggests the problem is "higher up." That the request is never making it to our servers.


So, my question: do you guys log the DPM response connections that you make? Is there any way to see and verify that, yes, in fact transaction id XXX actually was submitted at a certain time and why the submission failed (e.g., was it *actually* a timeout)?


And related to that, I know the timeout is around 10 seconds. What about, if the submission fails prior to that 10 second timeout, you try reinitiating it? I don't think you do that currently, do you? Just thinking it would be slightly more robust if there's some random Internet hiccup for 10 milliseconds that's triggering connection reset messages or something.


Also, what percentage of your DPM posts actually timeout? Would it be any burden for you to increase the timeout to 20 seconds? I doubt the amount of time is the issue, as argued above, but it still seems a bit short or conveying such vital info.


Hello @mla

We currently do not retry failed posts.

You are welcome to post this as a new featureor suggesan alternative solution in our Ideas forum. This will allow others to vote on and make suggestions to improve the request.


Administrator Administrator

ok, thanks.


I've added it to the ideas forum here:


Please vote it up or help improve the suggestion!