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Recorded Developer Webinars Pinned

Please find the links of our recorded developer Webinars Simplify PCI Compliance with Authorize.Net Accept Learn about Authorize.Net API Integration with OAuth 2.0 Creating Automated Workflows Using Authorize.Net Webhooks Thanks Anurag


API / Features documentation Pinned

Use the features you want to build the payment solution you need. You'll be up and running in minutes. Features : SDKS : API reference :


Use Try It Tab for testing APIs on sandbox Pinned

You can test APIs from our Try it Tab in API reference on sandbox without signup Click on the Try it tab and click send .


Use Testing Guide for Specific Transaction Responses Pinned

Using the Testing Guide, developers can trigger specific transaction responses in the sandbox including approvals, declines, errors, as well as AVS and Card Code responses. If you have questions or comments, please use this thread.


eChecks and SIM PHP code example

Hi, Can anyone provide an example of code to use - for SIM and eCheck. I have a snippet below that only results in this error:The following errors have occurred.(99) This transaction cannot be accepted. We are using SIM with a hosted form for CC paym...

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CIM Outages Solved

Since I've started keeping track, the production environment for CIM has gone down 1. June 2nd2. July 9th3. July 28th4. August 19th5. September 18th6. October 9th I would love for someone at Authorize.Net to go sign up for ...

rely on silent post

Hi, For which methods I need to rely on the silent post response? Or for all methods?Till now I feel for only ARB we need rely on the silent post response.Because I believe transactions does not fail when it logged succefully as the unsettled transac...

Can unsettled transaction fails during settlement?

Hi, I am new to API, I want to implement using DPM or SIM or AIM method. To process the transaction say I logged to it logged as the unsettled transaction. Is there any chance of failing this unsettled transaction du...


CIM transactions and Silent Post data

We are using both the CIM and ARB APIs, and handling transaction information via a Silent Post URL.For ARB transactions, we recieve both the [x_subscription_id] and [x_subscription_paynum] in the Silent Post data, thus identifying the transaction as ...


Test Mode no return invoice no

HI I am currently doing tests in production environment with x_test_request set to TRUE. The following details are used: x_amount = 1.00x_card_num = 4222222222222x_card_code = 900 x_show_form is removed to test direct post. When i use other amounts, ...


CIM is down

I have a Pingdom test running constantly to let me know when CIM is down. It checks on uptime for Just got an alert that it is down as of 10:20 PM EST.


Functionality exist???

I have a client that needs the functionality.They do not want to take CC payments through their website. they don't want a SSL. A simple form, where they can enter Client Name, Invoice # and a payment amount.and have this generate a button that takes...


Downloading Line Items Solved Locked

We can pull transaction details using AuthorizeNetTD, but these do not include the line items (itemized). How are these downloaded?


Duplicate customerPaymentProfile does not return profile Id

When creating a Payment Profile and a duplicate exists, the response is an error. It does not return the ID so I cannot determine which profile it uses. Is there a way to force return of payment profile id? The following was a response from my sandbo...


CIM & Future Deposit Auth Solved

We successfully implemented a CIM setup for a site that rents/leases merchandise, but I need clarification on a couple of things. I noticed in the documentation or in a forum somewhere that future transactions can not be more than the initial transac...

How to get the anet_php_sdk/AuthorizeNet.php file? Solved

I know there is a bunch of new mostly undocumented code on GitHub, but there are no working examples of how it works (yes I've looked through the meger documentation). All the blogs reference the older code that apparently works fine. There are plent...

DPM Quick Start Guide fails Solved

The quick start guide is a bit thin on details, but after spending a few hours on it, I've still not gotten it to work. Here's what's missing/unclear from the guide:1) Where do you put the downloaded PHP SDK (after unzipping). I can't see that it ma...

Site response Code doesn't match 99 tool code Direct Post

I am using direct post and the response code doesn't match the 99 test tools. I put in exactly the same data in the 99 test for as I send via my site post. i get a 99 - transaction can not be completed on my site cc reply page.Here is my code: ...

Batch are not getting Settled Locked

Hi,I am not sure what happend but my batches are not getting automatically settled by starting 09/30/2014. What do I need to do to get the batches settled? It's critical I get the batches settle so I can continue testing my integration ...

Direct Post issues - especially WEBLINK!

I have had to update from 3.0 to 3.1 and nothing seems to work.this is my code and it generates a message about weblink.if i remove either x_Login" value or "x_TRAN_KEY i get an error that they are missing.I am sending from a secure server and none o...


Live site with error

I am using Authorize in my site and until now it worked. SEems that there are 3 days since I get :Authorize.Net CIM Gateway Connection error: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?) (77)Is this related to you?Thanks


free trial in ARB giving settlement error

Hi, I have setup my ARB transcation in sandbox account as follows: Amount: $40Trial occurrence : 1Trial Amount:$0.0 Also other required parameters I have set related to this feature.When my payment transaction gets executed, it is giving settlement e...


Customer Credit Card Update Self Service

Hi Everyone, I have some question about Customer Credit Card Details Update, based on my case.Do Authorize.NET have websites / portals for Merchant/Vendor Customers can update their own credit card details (including CC numbers, CVC and other details...


Hi, We have a CC Processing solution that is integrated with a major ERP system and works well in the US. We are now expanding to the UK. I know that Authorize.NET operates there as well. My questions are:1. Is url uses to post transactions (AIM) dif...

Calculate sales tax

I am new to I am working in C# on .net and need to calculate sales tax. I understand that this is outside the scope on, but does anyone have a suggestion for a library or platform to accomplish this?


Integration with Servers

Hi We have integrated with in the past using AIM integration API ( Now, we developed few other client interface using CIM method for PCI Compliance. We want to support both interfaces, w...

Code: E00027 Error Message Help for site launch in 5 hours

I'd love help with Error Message Code: E00027 for a website launch in 5 hours. "The transaction was unsuccessful." Thank you so much for your help. Best, MegRequestmethod: POSTuri: WooCommerce-A...

Error with ARBUpdateSubscriptionRequest

Hi, I'm trying to use the update Subscription functionality of the ARB API and I get this response using a sanbox account: ErrorE00003The element 'ARBUpdateSubscriptionRequest' in namespace 'AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd' has invalid child ...

ARBGetSubscriptionList - Grab more than 1000? How to? Solved

Hello, Trying to grab more suscrbitions than 1000 at a time, I know this isn't possible so how do we accomplish this? I've tired using the offset, and using 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 etc... but it seems as the ARBs are duplicating the the offsets. 1000 1 <---- ...

Error connecting to AuthorizeNet - CIM

Hello, We are having an issue where we can use our sandbox account but not our production account. We have the production account on test mode but we keep seeing "Error Connecting to AuthorizeNet", while the sandbox account works flawlessly. If we tu...


Choose Payment Method

We would like to implement the payment method for the following way, Kindly let me know suitable payment method. 1] Payment is paid to the admin account by A user2] After some days payment will transfer to the another user B's account or refund to th...

Code: E00027 Error Message Help

I'm brand new with, shopping carts, and all of that. My site is hosted live and i'm fiddling around with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin mixed with's AIM service. I want to make everything work correctly obviously and...