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Direct Post Method Samples & Documentation -- C# and ASP.NET

We are developers who also have a merchant account.  We attempted to implement Direct Post Method (DPM) using the  documentation and examples provided without any success.  Does anyone have a working example for using Direct Post Method with C# and ASP.NET?

The "15 minute" integration example does not appear to be compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.  It appears to be reliant on an old MVC application type which is no longer supplied with Visual Studio.

The "Documentation" link on the "Direct Post Method" page is really just a repackaging of the "15 minute" example and provides very little detail.  There is no explanation of the classes provided by Authorize.Net and what they do.
I have also downloaded the Authorize.NET 1.6 SDK.  Here I did find a "Docs" directory but both the "chm" and "chw" files do not appear to work on WIndows 7.  The "chw" file is unsupported.  The "chm" file brings up a help window with a table of contents and an index, but clicking on any of the content just displays "This program can not display the webpage".
Looking in the forums other integrators have been complaining about the outdated example and lack of documentation.  Has this issue been addressed?

Where can I download or find the documentation for the classes provided in the AuthorizeNET.dll and AuthorizeNet.Helpers.dll?

Does anyone have a simple ASP example that clearly demonstrates using C# to create and respond to the HTTP POST requests and the redirect needed to use the Direct Post Method?

Please let me know as I'd really like to use DPM.


I used the following site to help me get going. It's the best site I've seen in terms of explaining all of this.



Good luck,