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Documentation for the .dll API (c#)?

Is there any official documentation on the C# API?  Best thing I can find is the example project in GitHub, but it doesnt really explain anything (like what is customerPaymentProfileExType vs. customerPaymentProfileType ???)


If anybody could point me in the right direction, that would be great.  Thanks.



Thank you... as it turns out the Soap document is as close as I will come to finding documentation, as it actually mentions the classes involved, etc.  Still, it doesnt seem like the API is very coherent when it comes to certain things, especially with the CIM.

Yup, it not as clear as it should be. and their SDKs doesn't help it either.

When I started with them, they only have the sample code which to me is much easier to understand.


If you only use CIM, and developing in VS, I would suggest get a test/sandbox account and just create a web reference or service reference.