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Does Support Other Readers with Key Injection?

I see that says that it only supports the IDTech reader.  Those are pre-injected readers and it's unclear whether or not that's just for the mobile app.  If you are building a custom app, have the manufacturer's card reader SDK, and the manufacturer supports key injection, can the Production and Sandbox keys be obtained from and injected into outside purchased readers?  What exactly is not supported if the encryption is handled with an key, the encrypted data is obtained using the manufacturer's SDK, and then the AIM API is used to forward the transaction to where can decrypt with the appropriate key?  The IDTech readers are larger and twice as expensive compared to most magstripe readers, not to mention the lack of support for dual/triple capable mobile readers with EMV or NFC.


I chatted with a basic support rep who said it wasn't supported but she wasn't very technical.  This post seems to indicate that it is:





I would like to see IDTech SRED support, and in a fashion that would be certifiably P2PE compliant.