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Does pass on Customer IP Address?

If I set up SIM or DPM, I've been told customer IP address isn't "passed on" from my site to But when the customer wants to check out, they are taken to's site to complete payment, so if the customer is right there on there site, how can AuthNet NOT see the customer's IP address? If anybody has time to share, thanks in advance.

You don’t need to capture your customers IP address in order to get the customers IP address. Your web application can capture this and you can do anything with it that you wish. Yes, has the ability to capture the IP address, but that is not a unique ability at all. I don’t know what language you are using, but in my application I capture the IP address for security purposes, and it is a 1.5 inch line of code.

I am not familiar with either integration method you referenced, but if you have some process in your business where it would be useful for to return you the IP address, I would look at the settings and parameters available in your integration method(s). Just because there isn’t a predefined field to pass on the IP address doesn’t mean you can’t send it under some other generic parameter you are not currently using. For example it may be appended to the invoice number, description, or anything your integration method has that will accept string values. You would want to use settings/parameters that are either available in the merchant interface or which can be pulled with a getTransactionDetails method call. That’s how you would pull them back from The point is that any way you do this your application will be what captures the IP. You can use a server side script and assign it to a variable. Then you can store that variable in a database directly (which to me seems the easiest and most likely solution to meet most needs) or you can pass it to authorize under any retrievable generic setting.
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Quick FYI, I don’t know what you’re looking to do or what you’re considering, but earlier I was doing some work on my accept hosted integration and they do capture the ip there. I just happened to notice and you can pull with a getTransactionDetails call.