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Double Payment from website

Currently I faced one strange issue. I have integrated credit card payment in my client website. A standard one not the ARB or CIM.


Last week few customer reported than after the one successful payment after 2 days their cc charged again.


So they faced double payment issue. 


I have not written any code or cron where we will re call the process. Neither we are storing cc details of customer. 


But still this issue exists.


Any idea why this is happening?


A standard one? is that SIM, AIM, or DPM?

Did they check the transaction date and time?



It SIM. Transaction date is 2 days later. I am not sure how this happened. There is no code written for double payment.

Are you doing auth_only then a capture later?

If not, you might need to start capturing IP address because SIM is instantaneous, it doesn't do 2 days later.

I am using AUTH_CAPTURE. I can take IP address but how we will confirm second payment happen from site only.


It was by fault, there is no code which stores cc and take next payment

Capture the customer IP address.

Do you use relay response to save transaction response to a database?


 It this just one day or continue happening?

It happened for few users 2 weeks ago. Is possible to investigate those transaction?


If I use relay response and store IP address how they will help me to avoid double transaction.


Thanks for your help.

If it only happened 2 weeks ago and haven't happened since, not much to do.

It SIM. Exchange date is 2 days after the fact. I don't know how this occurred. There is no code composed for twofold installment same issue with me in my this web Best Knife Sharpener for Pocket Knives how to solve it please tell me