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Problems iFrame sourced from an aspx page

I am trying to load an iFrame with the contents of an interactive aspx page. There are a number of problems:

Not all of the information appears in the iFrame
Interactive elements do not work
Behavior varies with browsers - Chrome has the most issues, Firefox the least, but none work completely.
I have tried a number of things, including various sandbox parameters and delaying the iFrame load until after the page has finished loading, but no luck.

Here is the iFrame element: <iframe id="tb" width="700" height="700" sandbox="allow-scripts allow-modals allow-downloads" src="" fra...

Here is a screenshot that shows the results:


Note that there is no data in the "Current PV Power" box. Also, none of the tabs on the graph chart work. If you go to the source page you will note that clicking various tabs appears to dynamically load some new content, so I assume the basic problem is that some script is not loading properly. 

Would greatly appreciate any advice!