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E00040 when Creating Subscription from Customer Profile

I am using the CIM and ARB modules in the sandbox environment. I am also using the PHP API. The code that is now failing (it was working just a few weeks ago) first creates a Customer Profile from a TXN. Next, the code makes a call using a method much like the createSubscriptionFromCustomerProfile method from your API documentation. It's during this method call that the E00040 error is thrown. The API documentation states that when this error is thrown, either the Customer Profile ID, or the Payment Profile ID could not be found. However, you can check the Authorize system, and the ID's ARE there.


I have read several posts going back a few years with developers asking about the exact same error as I am. If there is a solution, please be so kind as to point me to the correct message post. However, from all the posts that I have read, there never seemed to be a solid answer.


BTW, I too can take the exact same method parameters that were used when the E00040 was thrown, try them again, and this time the subscrition is created; no errors. Please help.


Hello Aaron,


Thanks for your response. Yes, as mentioned in the very first message of this thread, at least a 15 second delay is required between the request for Authorize to create a Customer Profile, and the next request to create a Subscription. We believe that such a long delay is unacceptable, and the root cause should be determined and corrected.


I would also be very interested, for my own edification, to see what you had to remove from my post that you labeled "spam." It was definately not placed there intentionally. Please send to me directly at And, no, I don't mind sharing my email address.


Best Regards,


Ralph Griffith

Hi Ralph,


No worries about your post. The post with the spam links was by user @kankikara. That's the user I was replying to.

Hi All -


I am having the same problem. 


My app processes normal CNP transactions that might include orders for recurring billing items (subscription) and also optionally need to save card info (if selected by the customer).  And I'm trying to implement accept.js.  Everything works fine if I send the card data to the server and run these (up to 3) API calls passing card info (not using Accept.js).


So to use accept.js where token can only be used once, I had to restructure to:

1. create customer profile (createCustomerPaymentProfileRequest),

2. charge card for initial subscription period (createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest)

3. create subscription (ARBCreateSubscriptionRequest)


In sandbox, 1 and 2 report success, and 3 returns record not found.  I will try putting in a 15 sec delay on the last step if Sandbox.


But do we know yet if this delay is required for production?  That will not be acceptable in a production setting.







I'm very interested in doing exactly what you're trying to do worldmodern. Could you possibly show your code to create a profile and a subscription from accept.js? I'd be more than happy to try my hand at removing the 15 second sleep.

This thread is from 2018 and it seems that this issue is still there in Production API endpoint. We have multiple instances of the same issue for different clients who have been using Does anyone know if this has been addressed as part of any patch or release? 

Same issue still in 2024. Unbelievable.