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E00040 when Creating Subscription from Customer Profile

I am using the CIM and ARB modules in the sandbox environment. I am also using the PHP API. The code that is now failing (it was working just a few weeks ago) first creates a Customer Profile from a TXN. Next, the code makes a call using a method much like the createSubscriptionFromCustomerProfile method from your API documentation. It's during this method call that the E00040 error is thrown. The API documentation states that when this error is thrown, either the Customer Profile ID, or the Payment Profile ID could not be found. However, you can check the Authorize system, and the ID's ARE there.


I have read several posts going back a few years with developers asking about the exact same error as I am. If there is a solution, please be so kind as to point me to the correct message post. However, from all the posts that I have read, there never seemed to be a solid answer.


BTW, I too can take the exact same method parameters that were used when the E00040 was thrown, try them again, and this time the subscrition is created; no errors. Please help.

Who Me Too'd this topic