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ECC Refund API Behavior Question

We currently use the API to issue refunds, when we do so, we


- look up the last 4 of the CC, and provide that back to the API as the card number
- provide the transaction id
- provide the amount


During this interaction, we never have the full CC (nor want it). Our organization is planning on enabling ECC to allow us to issue refunds greater than 120 days. My question is:


Can I still use the above API has I have been doing to issue refunds of transactions prior to 120 days (and then require them to use the Web terminal or some other process to issue ECC refunds)?


I understand that with ECC refunds, we have to have full card number to issue those refunds, it is just unclear how the API works or changes once we enable that. I would like to ensure that the existing refund process for < 120 days will continue to work as is, and we just have to develop something new for refunds > 120 after ECC.




For Refunds utilizing ECC behavior

-provide the full card number and expiration date
- provide the amount


For refunds < 120 days, even with ECC enabled, the process will work as-is.

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