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Refund process methodology question and Authorize capabilities

I have completed a test case in the sandbox in creating a refund, but I could not change the original order.  I am finding that the process is not what I really want to do.  So I thought I would make an example that individuals can comment on.

1.  I have an order created with one item (Let's say it is a shirt).  The person purchased 5 units of the same shirts, but later that person would like to return one of the shirts. Each shirt is $20 (unit price).   So the total order is $100.00 + 6.00 (Mi Tax) = $106.00.   ItemId is "123". 

2. Would like to go into the original order and change itemId "123" count to 4 and refund $21.20 (including tax). If this is possible, I can create a new receipt for the customer with the marked changes.  (Super Cold) 

3.  OR from the successful refund that I did create, can I add an item that shows what was returned and place a negative number on the item unit price, with a Item description of Returned.  Then place a negative $21.20 on the total and $1.20 on the tax. 

thanks for your feedback in advance. 




I was playing in the api sand box and now I realize I can't add the <order>, <item>, or <tax> into the refund to show the history on the change process.  GREAT

hear is what I was doing in my test:

<createTransactionRequest xmlns="AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd">
<description>Amri Ashiku_Num_9_Team_Reign_2015_Boys_Green</description>