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Easiest way to accept a payment via a web page

What is the easiest way to accept a payment from someone via a web page? They may pay whatever amount they choose, and they may not already be a customer. Is there a way to display a generic Accept Payment, without predefining the customer or the payment amount?


We are trying to emulate what they have now, which is a web page which asks for name, address, credit card info, amount, and a few more fields (tour name, departure date, and single/double occupancy). It then charges the card, and emails the information to us. Is there something like that in If so, can you give me an outline of what call(s) I would need to make?


Also, is there a sample page somewhere that already does this, that we can just modify?


Thank you.


Accept is recommended, but there is one older feature that you can use that does not require an amount.


Take a look at SimpleCheckout - donation options. In the Merchant Interface -> go to SimpleCheckout and Add Item.  Fill out the form and select Type: Donation. You can generate html code that will take a user to a secure form where they can enter any amount at will.

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I took a look at SimpleCheckout. I don't think it will let me capture the tour name, departure date, or anything else, and I'm not sure about setting up an email on success.


Can I do an Accept Payment transaction without a dollar amount, and let the client enter the amount? If so, it sounds to me like I would need to capture the additional fields, pass them as user parameters to the Accept Payment Transaction, and then post the token to launch the hosted payment page, and have the success go to a page that will extract the information and send the email. Does that sound about right?

Hello @jheymann


One solution you might consider is a form builder that allow you to build your own form to collect information including payments without a developer.  You can find a list of in our Certified Solution Directory.



To add to what has been said, you can have the client choose the amount they pay. You simply code in an input box where the customer types their total. You post that to the accept payment page and put it as the transaction amount in the API call.

I've tried to post this several times.


Thank you for your suggestion, that sounds like it will work.


That said, I took at look at the Accept Payment Transaction call, and it looks significantly different from the other Accept calls. First, it looks like it wants a payment nounce already, as opposed to generating one. Where do I get this, for a generic customer? Or, do I need to add a customer first, for each transaction?


Second, it doesn't look like it has the option to go to a follow-on url, so that I can complete the transaction.


Am I missing something?

 It's all easy. For the simplest implementation, while reducing PCI compliance, you could use Accept Hosted or Accept.js, which gives you more control of the form and is what would enable you to better emulate what you have now.


Some basic examples are at :


This example posts to the sandbox. You can use a test card number : 4007000000027

and any valid future expiration date and CVV number.



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