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Effect of card code field on CIM payment profiles

Hi ,
I am using CIM method to create customer profile & payment profiles using soap service in (C#) here I want to confirm that , Currently card code field is not set as mandatory for my merchant payment form & card code validation filter is  not configured in merchant account settings but I can able to create payment profiles regardless of card code parameter using CreateCustomerPaymentProfile method of soap service .
Now, I just want to know that ,If I set card code field in merchant payment form as required field & enable card code validation filter in setting  then whether I need to pass card code field during payment profile creation & what will be effect of making card code as required field in merchant payment form & enabling card code validation in setting on existing created CIM profiles ?


Please kindly assist.





Hi AmolR,


The card code is not a required field, if you need to validate this before storing a customer’s payment data you can do so using the liveMode validationMode. If the card code is passed, this data will be validated. To validate the customer’s card information before storing them in CIM you can use the liveMode validation as explained on page 19 of the guide:


It is important to know that card code is never stored in your CIM profiles. When you charge a CIM profile and you want to validate the card code, you will need to pass this value every time you process a transaction.




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