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Empty Response in Callback - continued

This is a continuation of the message:


I could not post another message in the former topic (the message woupld post but then disappear), so I am starting another thread here.


RaynorC1emen7 wrote:

Just want to make sure it not your account that is having issue, not returning any response. It look like you posting the data to the /datavalidation/  page. What we need change the relay response url to to see if it might be an account issue that it not post any data.

Does the code still work in the sandbox with the test account?

If I try to use​  for the callback url, the system will not even navigate to the payment page, but will return "url not found" error message.  The code fails in the same way on the main site in both production and test modes.  I am getting other errors when I try it from the sandbox account, but that may be because my sandbox account is old/expired.


Bottom line - when we need is for to optionally save a log of the callback messages it sends.


Not sure if it is still an issue but

Googling "Request.InputStream chuncked" show that it might return length of zero when the request is chuncked.


Have you try just do the logging just using your GetRequestParam ?

log just the  GetRequestParam("x_response_code")

The LogMessage line in the code includes the following:


"  Request URL: " & Request.Url.PathAndQuery

That logic returns the URL and all of the query parameters from the Request object (the ASPX object which represents the inbound page).  I included a line from the logging database table showing this in a prior message - the only text in the line is the URL path.  There are no query parameters - hence, my problem.

That look like only getting the url query, not post values.

The callback logic also tries to obtain various query parameter values by name, e.g., GetRequestParam("x_response_code")


But there are no query parameters in the Request object, so all of the values are blank

So the ocurrentpayment is blank?

Yes - everything is blank

And you sure it did get into that if block to do the update?


I wonder if it got an error like the

(14) The referrer, relay response or receipt link URL is invalid.


and since it doesn't have any post value, it look as it is blank. Have you try just output the raw request body?

I don't understand your question

The raw request body is what the stream logic in the callback page does - it grabs the entire page contents and emits it

Note that there is a message sent to the Callback page, so the relay response logic is working, to the point of originating the message.