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Encrypted Swipe Using Supported Devices

I have an integration to my web app using the SDK. Everything works as expected for online transactions, however, I'm looking to begin testing for encrypted swipe. I see that the only way to purchase terminals encrypted with the key is from POS Portal. The only terminal that would realistically work in the retail environment that this would be used in is the ID Tech Augusta V4, which happens to be out of stock right now.


In talking with one of their salespeople about when they might be back in stock, they mentioned that they've received various complaints of merchants who have purchased terminals for encrypted swipe using the integration that they have with the SDK. I was told that unless you're actually using the  mentioned that unless you're using the VPOS, the odds of one of the encrypted swipers working with your software are pretty low, citing how there is no option for Shopify users with that integration.


At this point, I'm waiting until the Augusta is back in stock to test, but it sounds to me like there's a good chance that customers who are using as their gateway in our system are not going to be able to accept encrypted swipe.


Does anybody have any experience using the SDK with their own software or POS and taking encrypted swipe?