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3D secured test cards

Hello I am implementing 3D secure with my site now I've implemented authorize and capture module ....


Now i need to implement 3D secure method , so as some examples or discussions that I've read now i need 3D secure test card numbers as i need to test this method on testing mode



so can you tell me what are the 3D secured test cards are there in Anet.


Thanks in adance 


Hi @sameer,


We don't have test card numbers for 3D Secure, because we aren't the ones that would be doing the lookup and authentication. We have support for sending 3D Secure authenticated transactions through our system by populating the cardholderAuthentication elements in a transaction request. However, you'll get the values that populate those elements from whatever MPI you have handling the lookup for you.


We recommend Cardinal Commerce because they have the easiest implementation, and enable the most flexibility with their rules engine that lets you set up which transactions are going to get challenged, and which transactions can be allowed without that step.

All Star

Hi guys, I use Authorize.Net(IAM Gateway the same integartion in ) as payment processors in our system and we need to integrate 3D Secure into our checkout processes. I enabled cardholder authentication on my test account. Can you please provide me with developer guide(document) to we can integrate 3D secure in our code and how I can test it?