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Encrypted USB Card Readers For Computers

Can we get an ETA on when Authorize.Net will support Encrypted USB Card Readers for computers?  


After browsing the forums it appears that Authorize.Net has been "working" on this solution for well over a year now and yet their still doesn't appear to be any progress being made.


**Note: I'm not interested in any mobile solutions. i.e. tablet / phone adapters.   I'm only looking for USB encrypted card readers for computers.


Hello @grandejon


Yes, we still working on adding support for additional encrypted card readers.  When these are fully tested and ready for developerts to begin integrations, we'll post updates here in the community and update the supported hardware page with the appropriate details.


Is there a particular make/model of device you wish to see supported?



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I've been asking for the same thing for mobile...There are several years worth of responses that is working with "many" manufacturers to provide support for their readers.  You would think that they would provide a roadmap / timeline for those companies' readers, at least the ones that were close to production ready support, in order to keep clients interested in the gateway. 


As you may have seen from my post, I called support about manufacturer key injection support and did not get a satisfactory answer.  When I raised a ticket, I received a more definitive answer and was also surprised to find out from the ticket response that there is an additional provider supported that is not listed on the supported reader page - Anywhere Commerce.  One of their products is a USB reader for PCs.  You may want to check it out.


Hello @RichardH


Models I'd like to see supported. (I've personnaly used both readers with and have found them to be very reliable)


  1. SecureMag Encrypted MagStripe Reader (IDRE Series)   --

  2. Dynamag   --


Can we get an actual ETA for any USB reader support?  Or at least a guess?  You've been saying the same thing, ("we're working on it"), for the past few years...

Hello @RichardH


Can we get an actual ETA for any USB reader support?  Or at least a guess?


You've been saying the same thing, ("we're working on it"), for the past few years...

Hello @grandejon


I would really like to provide better information on a delivery date, but right now I simply don't have any more details.  


As a developer, you are very familiar with how what seems like a firm delivery date can change for any number of factors. So rather than guess, we much prefer to give you concrete information as it becomes available.



Hello @RichardH


Is there any update on this?

Hello @RichardH


Is there any update on this?  Another four months have passed without any news...

This is also a critical need for us. Do we have a timeline for implementation?

I'm new to having to develop for POS so I want to make sure I'm understanding what @RichardH has said in a couple threads I've found. In order for our retail client (no web or mobile payments, only Ingenico POS terminals) to use gateway, they must use one of only 2 encrypted card readers listed on your supported hardware page that you linked??? Surely I'm missing something here. How can you not have any retail readers?