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Error E00044: Customer Information Manager is not enabled.



We implimented XML transmissions with a test account and everything was working fine.

Now we switched to a live account and we get an error message when we try to create a proifle.

Here is what we sent:


<?xml version="1.0"?><createCustomerProfileRequest xmlns="AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd"><merchantAuthentication><name>4f32FcjWc</name><transactionKey>6G9ba847V4suEE9T</transactionKey>








as the error indicated, CIM need to be enabled on the live account. Login to the live merchant account and enabled it there.


Hi RaynorC1emen7,


Can you please provide little more information on how to enable and where to enable this CIM option?




I think its the option under tools but my client says he doesnt have any idea on where to enable this setting.

I am not sure how to proceed further from here.

It should be under tools, maybe you can do some screenshot, or there is a video on it here

Thanks for the link :)

My client has asked me to use upload transactions option. As per my understanding Upload transactions is not a real time transmission but someone has to manually upload a file by logging into the portal. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Yes, the only way to upload transactions is thru the merchant account portal.

My client says he has another vendor who is able to transmit records and also do a upload with just UserName and Transaction key. Seems like a miracle.

If it thru the API, it only one transaction at a time. The only batch transaction upload is thru the merchant account interface.

Not sure what "another vendor" doing, maybe they just do one at a time on the backend.